There was a time when you did business with someone...

People said "Thanks" and "Come Again"

At the Ambassador Shop this tradition will never fade away.

The standard of excellence in gentleman's wear is the foundation that the Ambassador Shop has stood firm on since 1972. This commitment to excellence has created a client base that is confident and well dressed for all seasons and occasions. By never succumbing to trendy fads, The Ambassador Shop has eliminated the frustration and confusion of purchasing business attire. The Ambassador Shop man will always be dressed in timeless classics that incorporate all the significant elements of the latest fashions.

In the relentless pursuit to stay ahead of the fashion industry The Ambassador Shop has made choices that other men's stores dare not brave; we have chosen to take not just what works today but what will work tomorrow, next year, and twenty- years before. From the efforts of trying to seamlessly weave tomorrow's look with timeless classics the need has arisen to not just sell our clients a suit; as anyone could do this, but rather to accept the awesome responsibility of wardrobe management and consultation.

By offering the service of wardrobe management, The Ambassador Shop has created a rewarding and one-of-a-kind shopping experience. This shopping experience has founded a relationship with our clients that has lead them to fly from the cosmopolitan east coast to shop our store, and many men who only live a few miles away stop by once a week, just to see what is new. Whether you are just beginning to build the ultimate wardrobe or are adding the finishing touches to an already well chosen ensemble, The Ambassador Shop will fulfill all the needs of the well dressed man and the soon to be well dressed man.